My Origin Story

Hey there! My name is Putra Muzhafar and I was born and raised in sunny Singapore.

If you’re from the Asean region, you might probably know that in Singapore, all Singaporean son aged 18 has to serve a mandatory 2-year national service. I was proud to be part of the Elite Singapore Guards Battalion.

Loved the stint so much, I wanted to serve in the Army my whole life. But unfortunately, I got rejected three times.

This then led me to love my current job as a flight crew with our national carrier – for 6 full years now, since 2016.

Why the total career switch?

I’ve been asked this a lot. I had no clue or idea why I even wanted to become a cabin crew. Looking back at it now, I am grateful that I did as I was able to learn and pick up life lessons throughout my journey flying with Singapore.

Halfway through my flying career, I wanted to find ways to make more of life on the side. I started down the rabbit hole into internet marketing again, since I was passionate about it since high school – in the past, I had spent a lot of money buying courses, digital products, seminars, you name it I might have given it a try.

I had no success back then. I tried everything, list building, product creation, social media ads, google ads, pay per click even Facebook Ads!

Until I came across this guy, who is my mentor now, Jacob Caris. He’s been in the online space for several years and has been globally recognized as the top-ranked affiliate earner.

Press Release

Putra Muzhafar is Helping Driven Individuals to Achieve More Asides their 9 to 5 Paycheck Using High Ticket Marketing

The harsh reality for most people who are making an honest living is that they are stuck doing the same 9 to 5 job, year after year; however, this has not helped them achieve the life they dream of living.

There is so much struggle with trying to enjoy financial independence. People cannot quit their 9 to 5 jobs even if they want to because they need money just to live. This places them in a vicious, unending cycle performing exceedingly boring, monotonous, and uninspiring day-to-day jobs. Putra Muzhafar was once in a similar dilemma until the outbreak of COVID-19.

Putra Muzhafar was a flight crew member with Singapore Airlines for six years. Like most employees, the outbreak of COVID-19 and the global lockdown that followed caused a lot of pay cuts and less income for Putra. As a result, he began to seek ways to make more income which saw him rebuild his business and help others build their brands on social media, acquiring high-paying clients.

In the fall of 2020, Putra Muzhafar registered his company to start everything officially from scratch. Since then, he has been able to surpass and replace his job income every month since 2020. Interestingly, Putra has also helped others to do the same. Having seen success and replicated it for himself and others, Putra has announced he would be helping 100 individuals hit $10K a month income from home within six months in 2022.

Speaking on his plans, Putra Muzhafar had this to say, “My small team and I are currently working very hard to focus on the quality of training and content to increase customer experience and enhance our brand, to establish authority in the market. It is not an easy feat, but we are serving our clients very well to exceed their expectations.”

Putra Muzhafar has over ten years of experience in digital marketing and high ticket sales and has worked with 6 to 7 figure entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe who started building their business from scratch through digitalization and information marketing using only organic strategies without any paid ads.

The $10k from home monthly income program by Putra is designed for persons who:

  • spent and burnt money running Facebook ads campaigns,
  • lack mentorship and accurate guidance,
  • continuously feel overwhelmed, leading to feelings of uncertainty,
  • doubt if making money online truly works,
  • have no idea how to make progress in online marketing, and
  • intend to drop everything and go back to the vicious cycle of 9 to 5 jobs.

Currently, Putra is on the verge of authoring his first published book, which would fall under the self-help and personal motivation category. Putra’s income program promises to be the gamechanger for struggling affiliates, digital marketers, and social media marketers who have not yielded the results they deserve from their years of active practising.

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About Putra Muzhafar

Putra Muzhafar is the founder of, a legally registered company based in Singapore. The company doubles as a digital agency specializing in online marketing focused on High Ticket Marketing for driven individuals who want to achieve more apart from their 9 to 5 paycheck.

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